Who is Penta Investment Counsel?
Penta Investment Counsel is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm. We provide premium-level investment management services to exclusive clients.

What is a registered investment advisor?
A registered investment advisor is a firm or person that has a strict fiduciary responsibility to act solely in the best interest of the client.

What is a fee-only investment advisor?
Fee-only investment advisors do not charge or receive commissions. These advisors are compensated only by their clients. Most investment firms are commission-only, selling financial products that may create a conflict of interest with their clients.

At Penta Investment Counsel, we are investment managers, not salespeople. We provide independent, objective advice. Our lone allegiance is to our clients.

Will Penta Investment Counsel hold my assets?
No. Penta Investment Counsel is not a custodian. We direct the custodians who hold your assets. Examples of custodians include TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Fidelity and Vanguard. You may also choose your local bank as custodian of your assets.

When you work with Penta Investment Counsel, you retain complete ownership of your account at all times. Our limited authority, sanctioned by you, extends to managing and monitoring your portfolio. Penta Investment Counsel never touches your money, as we do not directly or indirectly maintain custody of your funds or investment securities.

How often will I receive investment reports?
You will receive monthly statements directly from your custodian. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive quarterly report from Penta Investment Counsel detailing your investment holdings and investment performance. You may also securely view your investment portfolio 24 hours a day through an encrypted, password-protected website.

How does Penta Investment Counsel ensure privacy and confidentiality?
One of our highest priorities is protecting you. We employ physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to maintain the integrity and privacy of our clients' personal information. As part of our fiduciary responsibility, Penta Investment Counsel has strict internal confidentiality policies.

How does Penta Investment Counsel select investments?
We are traditional, strategic investment managers who employ the fundamental principles of portfolio diversification. Our disciplined investment process incorporates sophisticated quantitative analysis and the qualitative judgement of our experienced investment managers.

Penta Investment Counsel selects quality investment securities and continuously monitors the holdings. Our clients' assets include mutual funds, U.S. Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, preferred stocks and common stocks.

How is Penta Investment Counsel compensated for managing my portfolio?
To ensure that our interest remain aligned with our clients, our compensation is not based upon commissions or transactions. Our investment counsel fee includes portfolio design, implementation and management, as well as investment reporting.

Generally, the investment counsel fee is 1% annually. The investment counsel fee is deducted from your account on a quarterly basis. As a percentage, the larger your account, the lower the investment counsel fee. Investment counsel fees are based on the following schedule:

Account Value
Annual Investment Counsel Fee
For the First $2,000,000
For $2,000,001 - $5,000000
For $5,000,001 - $10,000,000
In excess of $10,000,000


What is most important for an investor?
Every investor needs a clear, well-defined investment plan. It is very difficult to achieve sustained investment success without a strategy designed for the long term.

Please summarize Penta Investment Counsel?
We provide investment management services to ultra high net worth investors. Our exclusive clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that trusted, experienced investment professionals are managing their assets. The growing number of ultra high net worth investors have unique investment needs, goals and dreams.

How do I get started with Penta Investment Counsel?
Contact Riley J. Maher, Chief Investment Officer, for a "getting acquainted" meeting. We will provide you with client references and answer any questions you may have. In addition, we can also prepare a free assessment of your existing portfolio. Simply provide recent statements prior to our initial meeting.

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